A Brief History of the Wireless Charging Makers

Powermat is famous for being the first company to bring wireless chargers to consumers and the technology has become embeddable and scalable to fit into many different types of charging points in the home, public spaces and offices. Meanwhile, Duracell has been part of the market for keeping consumers in electric power for more than forty years now. Although Duracell is best known for supplying consumers with the alkaline powered high-performance battery, it also has its fingers in a couple of pies relating to lighting, wireless charging and renewable power, all of which they believe can be improved upon in the near future to complement the busy modern lifestyles of its customers. Proctor and Gamble, of which Duracell is a part, is a huge global conglomerate of major brands.  It has a worldwide turnaround from over 180 countries. Some of its brands include Pampers, Wella, Gilette and Always and the company has made a name for itself through retailing trusted and well-known brands.

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